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Here you can find some interesting information about activities in Denmark regarding the topics of IT and sustainability.



How to save energy!

Nice video on energy saving at home and beyond provided by the European Commission on Youtube:





Klimaschutzpreis Junior Österreich


The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and the The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management award the Austrian Climate Change Prize.


In demand are projects from the ongoing school year (project start can go back to Sepetemper 2014) from 3rd to 8th grad.


Within the project the energy consumption and CO2-usage witin school or residential environment from children and youth should be reduced and/or other people should be engaged to save energy.


Submissions can be taken until the 21st of May.

More details here:










SMERGY is a campaign for students, trainees and all young people. It helps you to identify energy-saving potentials and costs.

The SMERGYmeter with an OnlineCheck shows you how to save energy easily within your home and where potential energy guzzlers are hidden:

More about the project and where you can contribute:




Energy Costs Calculator


The Enery Costs Calculator helps you to save energy and money through the usage of energy efficient devices. It compares the energy cosumption of your old devices with new ones and tells you how much energy and costs you could save:






Energy Quiz 2015

From 13th of April to 10th of May questions on energy are asked daily (Monday to Friday) and you can win a voucher of 500€ for electronic devices, that are very energy efficient.

Take part here:








How to save money and energy: Energy App to find the most energy-saving electric appliances within a few minutes


What helps to identfy the best and most energy saving electronic devices and some money at the same time? Have a look on the EcoGater App, the winner of the Futurezone App Award 2014





Energy consulting in Austria

Have a look here where you can go and have an energy consultation near you:






Campaign "Strom-Spar-Familie" (Electricity-Saving-Family)

The province of Lower Austria starts their campaign on energy saving in households. Every houshold that takes part in the campaign and saves it´s electricity consumption 5% per year has the chance to win an electric moped or an energy efficient washing machine.


More infos on participation:






Energy diving-licence

The "energy driving-licence" is a certificate for competences in energy saving at home or at the workplace. "die umweltberatung" offers seminars and workshops for scholars, apprentices, teachers and organizations.


"Energy Busters" summer-camp gets the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development award


Also see:




Ever thought about renting before buying equipment?Here is the solution...

An Austrian platform provides equipment from private persons and households which can be lend for a small amount of money per day. Find sports stuff, kitchen/household goods, do-it-yourself equipment just around your corner.

A great solution for not buying things, which are  rarely in think before you buy :-):


Hidden resources: reuse of old IT equipment!


Have you ever thought about electronic waste you have stored in your basement? 4everyoung an Austrian non-profit organization knows how to make use of old IT equipment, repairs and reuses it in educational courses for longterm unemployed.

Check out their idea on recycling and reuse of old IT equipment here:



Learn about Austria’s energy!


The national stakeholder of Austria’s energy sector provides an online energy quiz for students (grade 3-8). Try it out here:



Fascinating project wins the Energy Globe Award Austria 2013! 


Find out more about the winning project ‘solar fidelity’: solar fashion with integrated solar panels to charge mobiles, smart phones, digital cameras etc.



Get an impression of the winning project and take a look at the project video: 





Calculate your ecological footprint!


Wolfgang Pekny, chief editor of this Austrian footprint platform helps users to find their individual steps to fight the planet’s destruction:


Austrian Sustainability Award


Austrian universities are also facing the challenge to develop sustainable concepts and initiatives for societal improvement, including the environment surrounding us.

For this reason the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung) hands out the Austrian Sustainability Award!


More information on the next Sustainability Award 2014 can be found here: