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Here you can find some interesting information about activities in the Netherlands regarding the topics of IT and sustainability. 






Game on recycling


Here you can see an example of how a game in which the player is shooting/destroying IT hardware suddenly gives unexpected feedback by informing the player about the ugly circumstances under which the decomposing of IT hardware takes place in reality. It also offers information on what to do to ensure more sustainable and socially responsible recycling of hardware.


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Create awareness for sustainable design


Nice video from Dutch IT-peers: invocation for recycling of home appliance parts.

A promotional short about creating awareness for sustainable design of home appliances among students of all ages.







Recycle your IT


People, be aware that e-waste is produced by constantly buying new electronic devices! Watch this video from a group of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.








Nice Dutch Educational Projects


Combining awareness with placing of solar panels without pre-investment:


E-waste race: combining awareness with the collection of e-waste at primary school:



Jongeren Milieu Actief


Jongeren Milieu Actief is the youth environmental organization of the Netherlands for young people between 12 and 28 years. JMA deals with issues like climate change, livestock or sustainable consumption in a creative, fun and positive way! They give young people, businesses and the government alternatives for a clean and sustainable world.



Transition Towns Netherlands


Transition Towns Netherlands, the national network of groups of active citizens who work together to make their home, neighborhood and / or village less dependent on (fossil) energy, more durable and more social.



Stichting Aarde


Stichting Aarde seeks to achieve is a harmonious relation between nature, people and the economy. The Earth Foundation is committed to economic awareness and to build a sustainable economy. In their analysis, it is particularly the current economic system that ensures the major social and environmental challenges of our time.





GroenFront!/EarthFirst! is a convenient banner to use for nonviolent direct action. At the same time GF!/EF! has become a network of radical nature lovers and anarchist eco-saboteurs.





Organization that facilitates businesses in engaging in environmentally conscious practices.




Urgenda is an organization dedicated to take fast action against climate issues through creating an environmentally conscious platform that promotes durability. Their mission is to increase durability by forming allegiances between businesses, governments, social organizations, and individuals.





HIER is a non-profit organization dedicated to raise awareness for climate issues through nationwide campaigns. They also organize projects that encourage communities to become more environmentally conscious.



Lean and Green


Lean and Green is a stimulation programme for businesses and authorities, implemented by Connekt: a Dutch non-profit network for sustainable mobility. It aims to encourage businesses and government bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that not only yield cost savings, but at the same time reduce the burden on the environment.





Groenbeweegt is a Dutch organization that promotes and facilitates environmentally conscious projects that can be set up by anyone. Anyone can submit a 'green' project and Groenbeweegt will help them arrange for the means, the contacts, and bring them in contact with the networks needed to make the project successful.



Green ICT network

If you would like to joing this network to gather around ideas on innovative, green ICT, check out this page:


Het Beste Idee van Saxion


‘The best idea of Saxion’ awards for successful ideas on small scale ICT.
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Jouw Energiemoment


‘Your Energy Moment’, pilot on the use of smart appliances, mainly washing machines and refrigerators.
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The foundation SURF...


...supports educational institutions to realise sustainable ICT innovations.


Publications can be found here:


SURF also awarded institutions in 2011 for sustainability in ICT and sustainability using ICT. Find more information on:



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Find here a video of the symposium on Green ICT in 2013, organized by SURF: