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Here you can find some interesting information about activities in Norway regarding the topics of IT and sustainability. 


More about the peer trainings in Norway can be seen in the section "Insights and outputs from the IT-peer trainings"







Lag en solcellelader!


UngEnergi. I denne videoen viser vi deg hvordan du kan lage en lader til mobiler og andre apparater med solceller!








Motivating young people to save energy

This short video clip is made by youth for youth. It aims to motivate young people to save energy, for example by turning off electronic equipment instead of leaving it on standby.






The weather in Norway in 2050

This film made by the meteorologists of NRK is a fictitious weather forecast for the winter of 2050 if we continue emitting CO2 and do not take action against climate change now.







Go green now!

A blog by Norwegian green IT-ambassadors This blog contains information about environmental issues, particularly related to the use of ICTs.




Check out how high your energy use is

This quiz was created by a group of Norwegian green IT-ambassadors. It will measure your energy use and place you in a category according to how high your energy use is. In addition, you will get energy saving tips.



UseITsmartly - ungdom kan gjøre en forskjell How youth can make a difference.

Anna and Kristine from participated in our useITsmartly expert workshop in Eindhoven and wrote this great article for their website motivating other youths to use IT smartly.




University of Bergen first Norwegian University to get environmental certification

University of Bergen agreed to reduce its negative impact on the environment by 20% by 2020. It is the first Norwegian University getting the environmental certification "Miljøfyrtårn". Pressure and engagement from university students has been an important factor to start the certification.

Server rooms for heating

The world's datacenters are responsible for 2 percent of the world's energy use. The University in Tromsø uses its server room for heating. Read more here:




New ideas for old mobile phones

What should we do with our old phones? A short film about the recycling of mobile phones:




A school turning green...

A school is going green. A funny movie about how to get certified as environmentally friendly school:




Energy Quiz

What do Norwegian youths know about energy use in households? Watch this video made by ungenergi (, a project about renewable energy "from youth for youth"





Norwegian students attended the shell eco marathon!


A team of students of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) competed in a race to provide the most fuel efficient car.  Here is the link:


Find below a video of the DNV fuel fighter at the Shell eco marathon 2013:


Report on Energy Efficiency Policies and Measurements in Norway


The Institute for Energy Technology in Kjeller, Norway has published a report on Energy Efficiency Policies and Measurements in Norway. A national case study within the IEE project “Monitoring of EU and national energy efficiency targets” (ODYSSEE-MURE 2010)



BSSSC youth network and energy efficiency in Norway


The last event of the BSSSC (Baltic Sea-States Subregional Co-operation) youth network was a ‘green’ meeting as it was all about energy efficiency in Norway.


Young people were talking about their specific region and got some ideas from the Baltic sea macroregion specialists and experts on this topic as well. Find here more about it: