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‘useITsmartly’ was a project funded by IEE (‘Intelligent Energy - Europe’) aiming at capacity building towards behavioural changes in the way youths use technology. The project wanted to close this gap by developing innovative solutions for capacity building in young people towards smart IT use and ideas on how to reach them with this topic.


The useITsmartly team consisted of scientists, stakeholders and multipliers passionately thinking about how technologies can be used in an energy-efficient way. Our goal was to communicate with and through youths about creative new concepts of ‘smart IT use’.


We know that Information technology (IT) use is an important part of everyday lives of young people. For the majority, however, awareness of environmental impacts of IT use and knowledge of how to save energy while using IT devices is still missing. The invisibility of the seemingly immaterial, virtual services and goods and their effects on energy demand and on the environment are a challenging field of action connected to Europe’s 2020 goals.



The project idea included the following steps:


  • mapping of IT user practices and contexts of young people for change in behaviour and technology;

  • exploring innovative solutions and ideas to facilitate and encourage energy-efficient IT practices together with youths;

  • assessing the technical feasibility and impacts of these solutions by experts;

  • developing and implementing IT-peer education in all partner countries of this project, including innovative prototypes visualising aspects of sustainable energy consumption


Results leaded to a toolbox for relevant stakeholders in the area of energy behaviour change programmes focusing on IT and young people and in guidelines for schools and multipliers containing information how to teach young people in the topic of smart IT use.



Our central goal was to develop a process to bring ideas of green living together!




Who useITsmartly was...



Jennifer Dahmen (coordination)
Natascha Compes
Adrian Salamon
Daniel Siebrecht


Wuppertal University, Germany

Web: www.gleichstellung.uni-wuppertal.de/ueber-uns/team/jennifer-dahmen.html

Email: jdahmen(at)uni-wuppertal.de, Compes(at)wiwi.uni-wuppertal.de


Anita Thaler
Thomas Berger
Magdalena Wicher
Birgit Hofstätter                                       


IFZ – Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture Graz, Austria

Web: www.ifz.at/eng/Research/Women-Technology-Environment

Email: anita.thaler(at)aau.at, magdalena.wicher(at)aau.at



Toke Haunstrup Christensen
Charlotte Louise Jensen


Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Web: vbn.aau.dk/en/persons/toke-haunstrup-christensen%283dc08a41-cd84-48b7-98ff-414af2fca7e4%29.html

Email: thc(at)sbi.aau.dk



Els Rommes


Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Web: http://www.ru.nl/genderstudies/gender-and-diversity-0/staf/vaste-stafleden/vaste-staf/rommes/

Email: E.Rommes(at)pwo.ru.nl, j.renkens(at)igs.ru.nl



Peter Prils


Smart Homes, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Web: www.smart-homes.nl

Email: p.brils(at)smart-homes.nl



Ruth Mourik
Sylvia Breukers
Tomas Mathijsen


Dune Works, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Web: www.duneworks.nl/home-en/

Email: ruth.mourik(at)duneworks.nl, sylvia.breukers(at)duneworks.nl, tomas.mathijsen(at)duneworks.nl



Robert Næss
Knut Sørensen
Sara Heidenreich


Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Web: www.ntnu.no

Email: robert.ness(at)ntnu.no, knut.sorensen(at)ntnu.no, sara.heidenreich(at)ntnu.no



Cosima Pilz
Nina Köberl


Umwelt-Bildungs-Zentrum, Graz, Austria

Web: www.ubz-stmk.at

Email: nina.koeber(at)ubz-stmk.at, cosima.pilz(at)ubz-stmk.at



Lisbeth Stryhn Rasmussen

Jacob Fischer



AURA Raadgivning A/S, Brabrand, Denmark

Web: www.aura.dk

Email: lsr(at)aura.dk, jff(at)aura.dk



Harald Rohracher


Linköping University, Sweden

Web: www.tema.liu.se/tema-t/medarbetare/rohracher-harald/hem

Email: harald.rohracher(at)liu.se




And all the people involved in workshops, teaching and trainings!

Thanks to all of you!