Peer training in Denmark


AURA Rådgivning and SBI Aalborg have been educating Denmark's very first IT-Peers. The nine students from Aarhus Tech, who are trained as IT-Peers, have been working hard to fulfill their tasks in order to graduate. The students final products have been uploaded and disseminated to other youths. Trainers and teachers evaluated the process and products of the nine students and awarded them their diploma, as proof of their education.


Journalists from Aarhus Tech have prepared this article about our training courses at Aarhus Tech:




Final results from our Aarhus Tech IT-Peers in Denmark. They've made a postcard, a PowerPoint presentation and a poster.




Poster by Aarhus Tech IT-Peers
Postcard by Aarhus Tech IT-Peers
Presentation by Aarhus Tech IT-peers

Here you can download the presentation made by the IT-peers on saving power and money in regard to the use of IT:





Peer training part two


Here some impressions from the second peer training that was conducted in Denmark:




Source: Toke H. Christensen

Stickers with advices on how to save energy are being prepared (laminated) for being put up around the "High school of commerce" in Aarhus.

Source: Toke H. Christensen

Two IT-peers from the "High school of commerce" in Aarhus presents their ideas about a questionnaire about ICT and energy saving to be used on their high school.

Source: Toke H. Christensen

Members from the Young Energy and the Change Agents in Aarhus and Aalborg discusses how to reach young people with the message about saving energy in relation to ICT: 


Here's some material from the Danish school Visuel HF that took also part in the useITsmartly peer training:



The Felix posters are made by IT-Peer students from Visuel HF in Viborg, Denmark. This group focused on the health and living conditions of animals (Felix the Panda), as we can all make a difference to decrease the global warming by reusing ICT and by not buying new devices as often, as we do today.





Felix the panda I
Felix the panda II
Felix the panda III


Det Grønne Svin

Is made by IT-Peer students from Visuel HF in Viborg, Denmark. The intention is to make people feed the pig with old IT-devices (Phones, Tablets, Cameras etc.) instead of throwing them into a regular bin or even in the nature!




Brainstorming for the idea
First concept
Work in progress
Det Grønne Svin - the final product


Illuminati, Postkort, Pull the plug, Striben

All products are made by IT-Peer students from Visuel HF in Viborg, Denmark, they basically all have the same goal "Pull the plug on ICT-devices when not in use, and stop your standby consumption!"




Illuminati standby
Illuminati standby
Illuminati standby




Postcard - the iceberg
Postcard - pull the plug




Striben - in process
Striben - final product






This movie is also made of the students and is related to the 3 posters above, called "Illuminati Standby".









Creative ideas worked out in and after workshops


In the first phase of the useItsmartly project, creativity workshops were conducted with young people in all countris in order to collect their ideas about energy saving and IT.


After the creativity workshops at the schools within useITsmartly in Denmark, students of grammar school "Viborg Visual HF" elaborated two of their ideas further: the Dumpster Diving App (SkraldApp) and stickers for switches (Stik). See more in detail here:






Dumpster diving app: SkraldApp


This idea is about dumpster diving, and how that could be turned into a more systematic thing, and be promoted as an environmentally good thing. The students came up with this idea as part of figuring out ideas and practices that could be 'turned greener' through the use of IT. Therefore the students wanted to develop an app for systematizing dumpster diving, so it would be safer and easier for the users, and more interesting for the shops to be part of.



Socket stickers: Stik



“For children, there could be recurring characters in the form of cute little "house-elves" that hide in electrical outlets or the like. For young people, there could be, for example, jokes, famous icons. Or 3D (flip) stickers, where the picture changes when the switch is switched off and on. E.g. a full glass of beer when the light is turned off and an empty one when it is on, or women with and without clothes. For adults it could be patterns and / or other (simple) shapes.” (from the description of the young inventors)





And some more stuff produced by Danish youth within useITsmartly...





Movie "Hva så!"Gøglerskolen

Teenagers have produced a movie centered at the UseITsmartly idea: IT equipment (such as mobile phones) should not be used without a purpose.







In cooperation with Lokalenergi students from Egå High School explains the benefit of LEDs based on their knowledge of math and physics.